November 24, 2015 | Ruston Smith |


When it comes to gear for the off road enthusiast, many people opt for bigger tires, new metal bumpers, lockers and roof racks.  After these individuals spend hours waiting for a buddy with a tow rope or a winch to come extract them from inevitably getting stuck, they decide that recovery gear may be necessary!

When the discussion of recovery gear is inevitably brought up, one of the first things that come to mind are recovery boards.  But what kind should you get?

For those that need something more rugged and reliable there are Traction Jacks!  Founded in 2010 by Jeffery Brown each basic kit comes with 2 complete units, two leash ropes to pull it out from the ground, instructions, and replacement warranty info. Ohh and did we mention they are made 100% in the USA!


 Overlanding USA set out this weekend to give you our comprehensive review of Traction Jacks from our point of view!

 Traction Jacks utilize a very unique design in the world of recovery boards.  Folding in half and having a flexible hinge in the middle of the board gives them inherent advantages on uneven surfaces.  This unique design led to them being named one of “4WD Toyota Owner Magazines” top 10 new products at this years SEMA convention.

 At 4.3 feet Traction Jacks has the market cornered on sheer size when unfolded, being 15% longer and 10% wider than their closest competitor in MaxTrax.  Their size and construction also allows them to be effective and stable at weights up to 30,000 GVW.

 Beyond its advantages on uneven surfaces the fold in the middle of the boards allows for some serious space saving when it come for storage! When they are collapsed Traction Jacks are only 2’ 2” long, or 40% shorter than MaxTrax.  This is, by far, one of my favorite features.  The ability to simply and safely store them on the back of our Gobi ladder! Make for a fantastic product!


 Like most recovery boards Traction Jack does recommend that you limit wheel spin on the boards, we have found however that they have a much higher tolerance to wheel spin than most recovery boards, due to the fact they are made of tougher polycarbonate composite!

 That being said, there is a slight lack of initial grip when trying to first gain traction on the boards.  This can become problematic, however, it does allow Traction Jacks to shed dirt more effectively in extremely mud situations. The overall ability to tolerate more wheel spin combines with a no clog design on the tracks makes for a very reliable and solid gripping surface for your tires.

 In conclusion Traction Jacks is a unique way at looking at the recovery board game, all in all I would say the unique design gives them an advantage over the competition. Entering the market at $189.99, the value in these boards is there for sure, costing almost half the price of their competitors.  Traction Jack is leading the way into the new American built 4×4 products, giving the Australian competitors a real run for their money! Overall we would recommend a set of Traction Jacks for sure! Traction Jacks gets the official #Overlandingusaapproved seal!

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